Hirosh Hair Designer

1978, Hiroshi Kitamura, pride of Kyoto Japan, opened the doors to his salon “Hiroshi Hair Design” located on Canon drive, in the heart of beautiful Beverly Hills.

Since his pioneering step, it has now become “The Hairdressers Row” of Beverly Hills — Southern California. He worked alongside Vidal Sassoon as a young artist and won acclaim as his International Creative Artistic Director.

Hiroshi wants to preserve the heritage of VIDAL SASSOON. Holding true to the tradition of Vidal Sassoon's values, qualities and method but also take his methods to the next level with innovative ideas.

Hiroshi has always been on the “Cutting Edge” of new technology and the latest innovative styling techniques whilst maintaining his unique approach to the clients instruction and his vision. Hiroshi and his dedicated staff view each client as an individual work of art, and to this end, offer a very personal touch to each technique.

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