While everyone's face is different you will continue to see results as long as treatment is continued.
Yes. Men can get the same benefits from SLB mask treatments. It's best for men to shave before applying masks.
For best results, wash your face before treatment. It's not necessary to wash your face after treatment.
Yes. We recommend storing your masks in the refrigerator to maintain effectiveness if storing for longer periods.
No. SLB masks are specifically designed to treat the effects of environmental damage and aging.
It is safe to use SLB masks every day! Feel free to use masks as much as needed for desired results. Everyone's face is different, so you will be t...
SLB masks should be worn for 10-15 minutes to achieve full effectiveness.
SLB masks are cruelty free and not tested on animals.
Treatments with SLB flat iron + cartridges are designed to last 24 hours. Our users have reported styles lasting all day.

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