SLB Flat Iron + Cartridges

Introducing the SLBeauty Flat Iron with iNFusion Technology. This is a revolutionary hair care tool that virtually eliminates damage and minimizes styling time. The lightweight SLBeauty Flat Iron features the highly precise ceramic coated plates with Micro-mineral technology that delivers the desired look without the damage. Use the SLBeauty cartridges to apply heat protectant while you style to cut your style time in half!

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SLB Refill Cartridges

The single-use cartridge is a proprietary combination of compressed natural fibers infused with a heat protectant and your choice of a styling formula, for extra hold, or shine formula, for extra smooth and shiny effects. Choose your treatment, slip and go.

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SLB - Natural Beauty Perfected

For more than 20 years, SLB has revolutionized the health & wellness industry with our patented Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Shielding Technology. We are bringing the same inspiration and expertise to the beauty industry, creating dynamic and innovative products to define and highlight... you.

Hair Care Science

Electromagnetic radiation has been shown to increase the rate of hair loss and disrupt hair repair & regrowth. SLB EMFreedom technology shields 90% of EMF exposure.

Skin Care Science

Did you know your face has a slight electronic charge? SLB ion masks are designed with a charge to balance your resting charge, creating an electrostatic hydrogen bond, allowing treatment to be absorbed faster and last longer.

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